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Share your creations and create value

Templete Value Sharing, Collaboration between the creative world and blockchain




You can create and purchase templates with NFTs to display and auction through Opensea.


  1. Make templates, buy templates and send them into the TVS network.

  2. Nodes running within the network will encode it into all the necessary formats to reach every supported device. Users running these nodes will be incentivized via fees paid by the template buyer in ETH, and the opportunity to build reputation through the protocol token to earn the right to perform more work in the future.

  3. Any user on the network can request to view the template, and it will automatically be distributed to them in near real time.



Template contents created by creators can be sold and purchased through the decentralized TVS platform.


with TVS

Templete + NFT = TFT

TFT is a compound word of NFT and template, and refers to an NFTized template. NFTized templates through TVS network can be freely stored and transmitted to personal wallets and Opensea linked with TVS smart contracts.

Create a TFT through TVS, store it in your personal wallet, and display your own artwork on Opensea.


Users are the main consumers of the TVS network, requesting creators to create and purchase templates and convert the templates to be purchased into the format required by the transcoder. Accordingly, the nodes of the TVS protocol play an important role in enabling them to occur.

In addition, the directly purchased template is NFTized and sold on Opensea, maximizing the value of the purchased template.

Creators can no longer upload and sell their templates to a centralized platform, but sell them through the decentralized TVS network. In addition, through partnerships with freepik, pexels, pixabay, etc., templates uploaded to other platforms can be linked to the TVS network and sold.

Creator can also NFT your own creations and put them up for auction through Opensea.


TVS Protocol Nodes

The TVS protocol node is created through organic exchanges between users, transcoders, and creators.

The TVS protocol defines how the various templates in the template sharing ecosystem are shared and sold in a secure and economically reasonable way. The two main areas the protocol must address are the actual distribution of template content from sources to large numbers of consumers in a performance and scalable manner, and economic incentives to incentivize participation in TVS networks in a secure and sensible way.

The TVS protocol node allows any node to send template content to the network and optionally pays for it to be transmitted in a variety of formats.
Allows any node to request a template from the network.
Allow participants to provide processing power and bandwidth to the template sending and distributing service and be rewarded accordingly.





You can easily download TVS Wallet through the App Store or Google Play Store. The downloaded TVS wallet works with the TVS network to transmit NFTs and TFTs through Ethereum blocks, which boast strong security.

You can also earn staking rewards by staking TVS tokens to the TVS Wallet. Download TVS Wallet and enjoy many benefits.

TVS Incorporation

TVS  Platform Development

2022.1Q / 2Q




TVS Token Release

 TVS  Network Development

Exchange Listing

​TVS platform launch

TVS Wallet lauch

​TVS Blockchain Mainnet




CEO, Co-founder

Nairit Naishadh

CEO, Co-founder

Partha Omanand

Full Stack Developer

Mukut Pinak

Blockchain Developer


Kamimasu Shohei

Software Developer


Business Developer

Lulia Melnicenco

Advisor, Pixabay Maketing Leader

Clifford Obrecht

Advisor, Pexels COO

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